If you’ve landed on this page you’re obviously curious about the writer of these lessons, so without further ado, here’s a bit about me.

My name is Matt, I’m almost 24, and work for a national newspaper as a web developer (my full job title is Client Side Web Developer, if you’re that way inclined).

I moved to London at the end of July 2010, having spent 5 years living in Leeds, both as a student and a “real person”. I loved Leeds but it had begun to feel a little small and I definitely romanticise the capital, getting caught up in the history and ‘everythingness’ of London.

Outside of geeking out about web-related technology I’m into road cycling, cooking (I like my kitchen gadgets), music (I run a webzine), design (I have a portfolio) and making stuff. Not a fan of aubergines.

I live in the posh Elephant and Castle with my wonderful girlfriend Maddy. She made me put that in.

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  1. why does the about go to a contact page on which I am typing this!!
    Anyway good to know you’re both well and settled, again congratulations on the job.
    I hope sometime you can accommodate me for a weekend. When, I decide to, come down and speak to some scholars, at King’s College, regarding them imparting some of their knowledge.
    Hope you are well, and it’s a shame you had already left the north before I got back to the UK. A catch up would have been good. Oh well always next time.


    P.S. I left you the link to my website, what do you think?

    • Robert Sampson says:

      Matthew a quick question. Are you related to Matthew Pilkington A.M. writer of Painters; Memoirs of the Lives and Works published in 1851 in London? If so, contact me directly.

  2. Wouter says:

    Hi Matt,

    found you trough reddit and at first glance this blog seems like a godsent! I am moving to London next month with my g/f and have about the same age and webdev profession as you, so I’ll be following you very closely :-)

    Your first articles are already very nice, hope you’ll keep it up! Nice design too :-)


    W. (from Belgium)

  3. Mr Smith says:

    Newcastle-bred redditor here about to do a postgrad in London… will be following you…

  4. somabc says:

    You live in Castle? You English are awesome!

  5. Emanuel Campfield says:

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