First things first: What the hell is this?

Welcome to Lessons Learned in London – let’s keep this short and sweet. My name’s Matt, and I’ll be your blogger.

Cheesy introductions aside, this project is a space for me to a) keep my friends and family informed on my life in London, and b) offer some advice (or perhaps examples of ‘how not to do it’) on living in the capital.

A little background on me: after graduating from Leeds University in 2008 and sticking around for a couple of years working for a small media/publishing company, I decided to make the big trip down south and take a new job in London. I’ve moved in with Maddy, my girlfriend of two and a half years, in a little flat in Elephant & Castle.

This blog is going to feature tidbits about the day-to-day processes of settling in and living in London. I’m calling it ‘Lessons Learned’ to imply that I’m most definitely not claiming to be an expert – quite the opposite. I’m essentially hoping that other people thinking of making the transition to the capital might be able to figure out better solutions to some of the problems and challenges they’ll face along the way, hopefully by learning from my (inevitable) mistakes. Also, it offers the opportunity for me to self deprecate at my typical displays of social awkwardness and misunderstanding. Probably.

Anyway, enjoy the blog, and let me know what you think – I’m always up for recommendations, advice, local knowledge and hints. Or, you know, just laughing at me too.

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